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     The Young Professionals Advisory Board (YPAB) is a philanthropic network of talented, compassionate and generous young people working to support the guests at the Center for the Homeless. The group's main purpose is to plan, direct and implement activities to engage the local 20 to 40 year old demographic in fundraising, volunteerism, education and advocacy efforts to benefit the Center. 


YPAB has been in many volunteer initiatives at the Center. No matter what talents an individual member possesses, there is always a way to utilize that talent to contribute to the battle against homelessness. 


A trademark of YPAB has been the engineering of fun, creative ways to raise funds to support programming at the Center. 


YPAB is a strong base of advocates urged to educate those on the unique, comprehensive approach that the Center's staff uses to assist each guest in their quest to once again reach self-sufficiency.

Social Network

YPAB does great work in advocating for the Center but it has always been a major focus of the group to provide an opportunity for its members to socially engage other young people in an informal atmosphere. Many great friendships have been initiated, developed and flourished as a result of YPAB.


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Community Garden

Volunteer in the Center's Garden.


Serve a Meal

Serve a meal in the kitchen or at a STAR Graduation


Front Desk

The front desk is staffed 24/7. Come by and help with administrative duties and get to know the guests!

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Engage With Kids

Spend time with the children who live at CFH by hosting parties, playing outside and more.



Organize Food and Clothing that comes in from the community

Track 1_ Fostering Self Growth


Tutor children, teenagers or adults. 

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