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80% of the Center's budget is funded by private donations. Each year, it costs $3.1 million to support the Center's initiative to break the cycle of homeless. This breaks down to about $43 per guest, per day. Your financial gift allows the Center to provide life changing services today and into the future for those experiencing homelessness in Michiana. 
Planned Giving 

You can make a financial contribution to impact Center guests for years to come.

Future Gifts
Naming the Center for the Homeless in your will or living trust ensures we will be able to break the cycle of homelessness for years to come.  There are many types of bequests: 
  • Include a bequest for CFH in your will 
  • Name CFH as a beneficiary of a retirement plan asset
  • Name CFH as a beneficiary on a life insurance plan
Please consult your attorney to see which designation is best for your current financial needs. 
Life Income Gifts
These gifts can provide an opportunity for a lifetime gift to CFH while receiving a small income each year. These options may include:
  • Gift annuities provide a fixed, quarterly income and current tax benefits.
  • Charitable remainder trusts provide you with regular income and are distributed to CFH when the trust is terminated. This gift also provides a charitable tax deduction.
Giving Now
To make a gift that impacts CFH today, please consider one of the following options:
To learn more about immediate ways you can help financially, please visit our Donate page.

To learn more about these options and how you can help, please email Taya:

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