The Center has multiple opportunities for individuals and groups to get involved! We can provide service engagement to groups up to 150.  Join us for service or a meal with our guests and see first hand the miracles that are happening each day at CFH! 

Let's Connect! 

Many local partners are already on board with the Center by donating time, food and funds. Please consider joining us today!

Office Food Drive

     When employees work together to better their community, everyone wins! Do you have multiple office locations? Have a competition! Please contact us to learn more about what particular items we need. 

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Donate Goods or Services

     Do you have extra cleaning supplies or are you a hotel that is updating their pillows? If you have any items that could be used at the Center or by one of the guests who live here, let us know! 

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Sponsor an Event

     Promote your company at one of our events! Sponsorship opportunities are available at the Dancing With Our Stars Miracle Auction, Lipsync With Our Stars and the Miracle Holiday Luncheon. Matching gift campaigns are available too!

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Financial Donations

    80% of the Center's $3.1 million dollar budget is from private gifts. It costs $43 to support one guest for one day at the Center for the Homeless. Financial support can be in the form of a cash gift, foundation grant, employee matching or a matching challenge grant. Come by for a tour and see firsthand the impact of your donations. Donate here! 

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     Gathering together to volunteer is a great way to build teamwork and company culture. Your group can help in a variety of ways around CFH and engage with the guests who live here. You can volunteer on an ongoing, periodic, or one-time basis. Visit our volunteer page for more info.

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Groups applications must be filled out prior to arrival. Any questions, please contact Madelyn: