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Vehicle Donation Frequently Asked Questions

My car does not start or has a problem, will you still take it?

Of course! We accept any vehicle, running or not. We will send a tow truck to the vehicle and remove it, at no cost to you.

Do I have to be home when my vehicle is picked up?

As long as the car is accessible to the tow-truck, and the keys are in the glove compartment, there is no need to be home. The towing service will generally respond to most pick-up requests within two to three days.

What if I can't find my title?

Unfortunately, we do need a title to accept the vehicle. If you cannot locate your title, you can request a duplicate from the Indiana BMV.

Do I need a receipt?

You will not get a receipt from the towing service, but you will be mailed a letter from the Center when the sale of your vehicle is complete. That letter will serve as verification for the IRS of your donation, as well as provide you with the receipted dollar amount for your donation.

What is my tax write-off?

You may deduct the gross proceeds of the sale from your taxes. If, however, the vehicle was sold to a person in need (i.e. a guest of the Center), you may claim the car's fair market value. We will send you a letter with that information as soon as possible.

Still have questions?

Call: 574-282-8700 or email us:

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