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Genesis Counseling Program

Meet Tasha

Genesis Counseling Program

     The Genesis Counseling Program is the crucial element of the Center for the Homeless's strategic plan for trauma informed care. As we increase our understanding of Trauma and mental illness relative to its impact on homelessness, we believe it is our obligation to create a system that not only responds to those needs, but holistically and proactively seeks to transform these experiences into a source of resilience. 


     Before walking through our doors, our guests often experience chronic childhood abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault compounded with the traumas of experiencing homelessness. Our guests often develop the most complex forms of PTSD as a result. Our guests also report serious addictions, often developed in response to the trauma, and severe depression regularly accompanied by chronic thoughts of suicide. These symptoms are clinically on par with patients receiving inpatient psychiatric care--making Genesis the only viable mental health resource for our guests.

Counsel Ages

The Genesis Program counsels individuals ages 3 and up. Children utilize play therapy to break through barriers if they are unable to speak.

Hours of Therapy

Annually, Genesis counselors conduct an average of

1296 hours of individual therapy

112 hours of group therapy 


Genesis Counselors see men, women, children and Veterans who live at CFH. Counselors continue to see clients even after they leave.

Tasha's Story

     Tasha is a mom who was a product of the foster care system with subsequent abusive relationships and major medical problems impacting her ability to sustain work. Her nine-year-old daughter, TJ has been having behavioral issues for some years. With consistent attendance at Genesis and working together as a family, staff determined TJ was experiencing major psychiatric symptoms and convinced Tasha to start her on medication. Their improvement individually and as a family has been remarkable!


Click the photo to hear more of Tasha's story and the Genesis Program! 

Betty & Tasha Thank You
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