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Those We Serve
The Center for the Homeless is the South Bend area's largest residential facility for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Our campus consists of a residential building, administrative building, children's natural play area, a community garden, recreation center, a universal sports court, and the Robert L. Miller Sr. Veteran's Center.
The Center serves men, women, children, and Veterans each day. The Center opened in 1988 and has served more than 65,000 individuals in our community. Programming and resources are provided to help guests at the Center to break the cycle of homelessness.

The Center provides programs and resources designed for each guest. 
Approximately 400 volunteers help at the Center each month. Volunteers participate in a variety of roles and are a vital part of the CFH community!
The Robert L. Miller Sr. Veteran's Center was founded in 2011 and is home to 24 male Veterans experiencing homelessness.
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